How Towels Make Love

I took a workshop from Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant in June 2009. The culmination of the workshop was an individual project based on a theme provided by Freeman and Andre. We received our assigned theme on Thursday evening, just before dinner. All of our images had to be taken after dinner on Thursday and completed by 12:30 on Friday. The final presentations were given at 10:00 on Saturday.

My project theme was “How Towels Make Love.” I knew it would be difficult to create 15 images to represent the theme, but I was not prepared for how inspired I would become. Soon I was moving the towels all over the area around the St. Martins Country Inn and photographing them in new scenes. In the end I had many more images than I needed and it was necessary to pare them down to a series that made sense.

I was personally quite surprised at how much each of us were able to put together in such a short time period.