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This year, I participated in SOFOBOMO 2011 and successfully made (photographed, edited, processed and created ) a pdf ebook within 31 days. The book is called ”After Sunset” and is available as a free download here: After Sunset PDF Ebook.

When I signed up for the project, a few months before the challenge period started, I started looking into the hows and whys of pdf publishing and I found a bunch of resources online. I tried to read up / listen up on how to sequence and edit a photo book, what are the considerations for making a pdf ebook for various monitors and devices and what software to use.

For my desktop publishing software, I found a bunch : Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, Scribus, etc. I decided to use Scribus – for the reason that it is a open source software and is available for free.

Here is a list of resources I used:
1. PDF Publishing Workshop – A Visual Workshop from Lenswork – $99
This is a DVD I had purchased about a year ago. It has many hours worth of video tutorials about almost all aspects you can think of – on the topic of making a pdf publication. It takes a novice step by step – from what to consider when making a pdf publication to how to use Adobe InDesign to do that to and how to polish it up for a professional look. Though most of the tutorial is on InDesign, I found many of the concepts useful when using Scribus. I kept going back again and again to some of the basic concepts – like what document size to use, image resolution etc.

2. Mat Thorne video tutorial on Blurb: How to Sequence and Design Your Next Book Like Pro: An Insider’s Guide – Free (56:09) from

”Pro photographer and book designer Mat Thorne presents an introduction to book design principals. This webinar covers an overview of typography, essentials of cover design, and laying out front & back matter. Mat also shares examples and offers inspiration from published photography books.”
I highly recommend spending the time to see this excellent video tutorial.

3. Mat Thorne’s Video tutorial Part 2 : Free (1:07) from

The Part II of Mat’s tutorial is another hour, but it is another hour I found totally worth the investment.

This is the only resource I did not use when making my pdf – I came across these tutorials when writing this post. It seemed too goo a resource not to list.

5. Video tutorials on the basics of using Scribus on showmedo. – Free
I viewed the first few tutorials here and they helped me quite a bit in becoming familiar with Scribus.

6. The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams – $19.99 on, Free from your public library
This is a very easy to read fun book on book designing, as the name suggests. The concepts I read here help not only in designing ebooks, but also pamphlets, powerpoint presentations and other visual media. I highly suggest borrowing this book from your library and reading it.

That ends the compilation. If you have any other resources you recommend, do drop me a note.

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