What can I do before SoFoBoMo starts?


Here we are signed up for SoFoBoMo, waiting for the fuzzy month to start. Before the month starts, here are some things you can do to make your SoFoBoMo effort easier / more successful.
Basically, planning your project, getting organized with the equipment, with the tools – this is not a part of the 31 day fuzzy month, and can be done now.

Here is a list of items.

1. Decide on the topic for your SoFoBoMo project.
2. Then decide on a backup topic, easier and more accessible than the first one, just in case.
3. Scout your location and take some test shots.
4. Visualize how your project is going to look. Do you care about the font? Do you plan to have a white background or a black background or colored? OR are your images going to cover the entire page?
5. Do you plan to pair quotes with photos? If so, make a database of quotes which you can look at and select from later.
6. Do you plan to pair music with photos? If so, make a database of music which you can look at and select from later.
7. Decide on how you are going to create your actual pdf photo book. What software are you going to use? Adobe InDesign? Microsoft Word? Lightroom? iPhoto? Scribus? a pdf maker?
8. Fire up your program and create a dummy pdf so you don’t have to slave over the technical nitty gritties later.
9. If necessary, see tutorials and read up on how to use the software you have chosen.
10. Maybe read up on editing and sequencing.
11. Maybe read up on good book design.
12. Read what other SoFoBoMo participants have to say.

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