SoFoBoMo 2017 – In The End…


In The End…

It was nice to see so many of us finish books. For those of you who met the deadline, you should be seeing an email on Tuesday.

 Ian Plant graciously worked with us to provide some of his e-books for prizes. This year, everyone who entered will get a copy of Ian’s The Grand Landscape. One of my favorite photography books, it changed the way I view landscapes.
I’m sad to say that SoFoBoMo 2017 is over. And I never got around to sending out any posts or providing any real support.

SoFoBoMo 2017 Stats

In all, we had ten books completed by nine authors. Congratulations to each of you!
Colin Brown again completed two books, an amazing feet he seems to achieve year after year.
Seven of the books are in color, the other three in monochrome. One of the monochrome books, “Leaving Los Angeles,” is closer to a sepia tone.
We had contributors from around the world, including Holland, Australia the United Kingdom.


As usual there is a wide range of perspectives, styles and interests. Something I’ve come to expect, but still astonishes me.
When I first glanced at “Betwixt ‘n Between: A Southeast Alaska Intertidal Imaginarium” I thought it was a great idea to use mirror montages. But once I got to spend some time with the book, I realized that Mr. Van Altvorst had captured glassy smooth water. The reflection was plainly recognizable, if you took the time.
And “Eclipsed” is a fantastic story of the recent eclipse in the US. Told from the perspective of the majority of us who experience a “less than total” eclipse. It still exposed adults and kids as the children we all have inside. Imagine the pressure of capturing every one of your photos for your book in less than ninety minutes.
I encourage everyone to visit the Projects page and read through the books of the year.

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