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As I sit in bed, the glow of my monitor producing a ghoulish blue glow on my face, I reflect on the last 10 years of SoFoBoMo and what it has meant to me. Paul Butzi started the project in 2008, and I personally discovered it in 2009. I was, and am, committed to the idea that working through the process of developing photo books helps us grow as photographers. I have put in a lot of effort and very little, and I've gotten as much from the process as I put into it. But each year I feel that my understanding of my goals and objectives becomes clearer.

At times I have wanted to create a better story, others have been a new technique, and once I even did a study in a single element of Visual Design (Triangles).

We hope you are getting the something personal out our little project, whether you are a returning book maker, or a first timer.

Brief History of SoFoBoMo:
SoFoBoMo was created by Paul Butzi in 2008 and he ran it until 2011.
Read here for more info:
- http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2008/05...
- http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2009/02...

"I remain a strong advocate of the SoFoBoMo as a wonderful way for photographers to move beyond producing individual “good” photographs and toward projects that require working a theme and producing a meaningful sequence of photographs supported with at least some text."
- Pat Cooney

Pat Cooney started The LIPG SoFoBoMo project in September 2012 with permission from Paul Butzi. It is running to this day. As of 2015 they have about 20 photo books there. You should take a look at their beautiful projects.

More about SoFoBoMo2 (i.e. this incarnation of SoFoBoMo)
"The original SoFoBoMo was such a great idea and I had such a blast participating, I was compelled to try re-launch it starting 2014.
This is pretty much a labor of love. I learned so much, about photography, about books, about myself while making my photo books. I want to pay this forward and give other photographers a chance at this as well. And in the process, I hope we all have fun participating in SoFoBoMo."

- Suprada, October 2, 2014

Other SoFoBoMo'ers
"I loved the original SoFoBoMo and created two books in 2009, a third in 2010, and a forth in 2011. I drifted away from putting photos into a book format for a few years when Paul closed SoFoBoMo. This year I really want to make sure that I and others get the opportunity to create and share a book again. I am thrilled to join Suprada in making SoFoBoMo a reality in 2016.
- Matthew G. Schmidt, 7 May 2016

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