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Book Making Resources

This resource has some great articles about creating photo books. It demonstrates a range of applications you can use to make your book.

Printed Books


An in-depth article by Rudy Rucker on the steps he's gone through to make a high quality photo book -

A quick-read article covering the selection of a POD publisher by Kevin Kelley - Cool Tools - (a bit dated now)

A wonderful article describing how to use Lightroom to create your photo book by Scott Kelby -

A fine article on creating a book in Lightroom by Michael Archambault of Peta Pixel -


A quick guide to using iPhoto to produce a PDF format photo book brought to you by -

Publish On Demand

Detailed article on producing a quality photo book PDF to print on Blurb by Allen Murabayashi at Photoshelter -

Blurb's own instructions on creating a printed book from a PDF -

If you don't have a copy of Adobe InDesign or Adobe Lightroom, Blurb has some options for creating your book. -


PDF Labs brief instructions on creating an Ebook reader compatible photo book. -

There are different book making resources for your work. You can find the best and great articles for creating photo books. Get everything in the printed books and from freelance assignment help you can get the article about the section of the video and publish it.

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