Book Making Resources

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Book Making Resources

This resource has some great articles about creating photo books. It demonstrates a range of applications you can use to make your book.

Printed Books


An in-depth article by Rudy Rucker on the steps he's gone through to make a high quality photo book -

A quick-read article covering the selection of a POD publisher by Kevin Kelley - Cool Tools - (a bit dated now)

A wonderful article describing how to use Lightroom to create your photo book by Scott Kelby -

A fine article on creating a book in Lightroom by Michael Archambault of Peta Pixel -


A quick guide to using iPhoto to produce a PDF format photo book brought to you by -

Publish On Demand

Detailed article on producing a quality photo book PDF to print on Blurb by Allen Murabayashi at Photoshelter -

Blurb's own instructions on creating a printed book from a PDF -

If you don't have a copy of Adobe InDesign or Adobe Lightroom, Blurb has some options for creating your book. -


PDF Labs brief instructions on creating an Ebook reader compatible photo book. -